About the Nebraska Infection Control Network (NICN)

History of the NICN

The Nebraska Infection Control Network (NICN) was founded in 1980 by Philip W. Smith, MD. Its mission was to improve the quality of healthcare in Nebraska hospitals, long term care facilities and communities through the prevention and control of infectious diseases.  The NICN uniquely combines the volunteer efforts of key agencies to accomplish these goals:

The NICN emphasizes educational programs.  Education has taken three forms:

The organization was one of the first to measure educational outcomes for its training programs and received a 3-year federal grant in the 1990s for putting on its training program in California and Pennsylvania.

The NICN provides information and advice through this web site and through five District Representatives who provide regional advice throughout the state on infection control matters.  

The NICN also supports research through various infection control projects, primarily in LTCFs and hospitals.    

In November 1988, the NICN received a National Community Health Promotion Award from Dr. Otis Bowen, the Secretary of Health and Human Services, in recognition of outstanding community health promotion activities. 

Distinguished Service Award Recipients   


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