The Nebraska Infection Control Network

The Nebraska Infection Control Network (NICN) was founded in 1980 by Philip W. Smith, MD. The NICN uniquely combines the volunteer efforts of key agencies to accomplish these goals:

  • Nebraska State Health Department

  • Nebraska Hospital Association (NHA)

  • Nebraska Health Care Association (NHCA)

  • Greater Omaha Area Chapter of the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC)

  • Other interested parties

The NICN emphasizes educational programs.  Education has taken three forms :

  • Education Programs - Programs have been sponsored at sites throughout the state including Omaha, Lincoln, Kearney, Grand Island, Norfolk, North Platte, Scottsbluff, Columbus, Nebraska City, and Ogallala. Over 6000 participants have attended the conferences with outstanding evaluations.  The NICN attempts to meet the educational needs of ICPs throughout the state.  

  • Intensive two-day Primary Infection Prevention course - This course is held twice a year in Omaha, for nursing home and small hospital infection control professionals.  In the more than 30 years these courses have been provided, over 4000 trainees have attended since the program began. 
  • Intermediate Infection Prevention course - This new course will be offered for the first time in the summer of 2016. 

In November 1988, the NICN received a National Community Health Promotion Award from Dr. Otis Bowen, the Secretary of Health and Human Services, in recognition of outstanding community health promotion activities. 

Distinguished Service Award Recipients

1985        Paul Stoesz, MD              

Nebraska Department of Health

1986        Harry McFadden, MD       

UNMC Microbiology Dept.

1987        Pat Rusnak, RN               

Clarkson Hospital

1988        Sue Miller, RN

Clarkson Hospital

1989        Marietta Henry, MD         

Clarkson Microbiology Dept.

1990        Harlan Heald 


1991        Pam Daly,PhD                

1992        Delight Wreed                 


1993        Linda Horning, RN           

Clarkson Hospital

1994        Peggy Christ, RN             

Jennie Edmundson Hospital

1995        Virginia Helget, RN          

Clarkson Hospital

1996        Lorraine Zoucha, RN 

Columbus Community Hospital

               LaVonne Gingrich, RN

Hastings Hospital

1997        Ted Schultz 

Nebraska Hospital Association

1998        Jane Roccaforte, MD   

Clarkson Hospital

1999        Dorothy Sonksen, RN   

Burgess Hospital

2000        Eugene Sanders & Christine Sanders


2000        John Weston


2001        Amy Longo                    


2002        Richard Raymond, MD     

Nebraska Health & Human Services

2003        Sharon Meeker-Medcalf


2004        Jose Romero, MD


2005        Connie Wagner


2005        Dick Morin            

Bryan LGH

2005        Peg Luebbert                  

Alegent Health

2005        Chris Newlon                  

Nebraska Dept of Health & Human Services

2006        Judi Dunn    

Clarkson College

2006        Mary Arends    

Nebraska Health & Human Services

2007        Phyllis Dutton                 


2007        Pat Lenaghan                 

BT Unit and OMMRS

2008        Adi Pour & Carol Allensworth

Douglas County Health Department
2009        Sue Swindells UNMC
2010        Marsha Meyer Scottsbluff, Nebraska

2010        Chris Mason

Clarkson College

2010        Mark Rupp


2011        Steve Hinrichs, Pete Iwen & Tony Sambol


2012        Pat Infield

Nebraska Health & Human Services

2012        Howard Grendelman

2013        Kristi Felix Madonna
2013        Larry Krebsbach BryanHealth
2013        Lori Snyder-Sloan St. Elizabeth

2014        Tom Safranek & Janet Riese

2015        Shelly Schwedhelm, Shawn Gibbs, John Lowe, Beth Beam, Angela Hewlett, Kate Boulter, Chris Kratochvil Nebraska Medicine
2016       Gerri Means, Laura Hoogestraat, Karen Spenner


2017       Peg Gilbert  
2018       Kate Tyner Nebraska Medicine